City Pumpkin 334


Is a species originating from Thailand, suitable for growing on many different types of soil. Holding the No. 1 market share in Dak Lak, Dak Nong,,….

Detailed description:
Plants grow and develop strongly, row a lot, have very good disease resistance, and give high yields. The fruit is round and flat, the flesh is thick and lemon yellow, the taste is sweet and flexible. Fruit weight from 4-6 kg.

Instructions for planting:
Planting season: Can be planted all year round.
– The amount of seeds planted 1000 m2 : about 700 seeds.
– Farmers can artificially pollinate to increase yield.
– Row x row 300 cm, trees 50 cm apart, density 650-700 plants/1000m2.

Harvest time:
80 – 85 days after planting.

Average productivity per 1000 m2:
2.5 – 3 tons

Pack size:
20 grams

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