PK 500


As a young pumpkin variety that can harvest a lot of both flowers and buds, outstanding high yield along with extremely delicious fruit flavor makes it impossible to forget.

Detailed description:

Plants grow and develop very well, good resistance to viruses. Both young and old fruits are very good and suitable for the market. The tree harvests cotton and buds a lot.

Instructions for planting:
The most suitable year-round planting is from November – January and May – July.
– Amount of seeds planted: 1000 m2 :1000 – 120 grams.
– There are 2 ways to plant:
+ Planting in a row: planting in opposite rows, rows x rows of 500 cm, plants x trees on a row of 50 – 60 cm.
+ Planting holes: The hole is 40 – 50 cm wide, the distance between the two holes is 200-300 cm. Fertilize each hole with 30 grams of phosphorus + 1 kg of manure, then spread a layer of soil about 5 cm thick on top. Each hole sows 4 seeds, then pruned to 2-3 plants.

Harvest time:
Young harvest: 50 – 55 days.
Old harvest: 70 – 75 days after sowing.

Average productivity per 1000 m2:

Pack size:
20 grams

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