green bitter melon 1046


The fruit has a high uniformity in color and shape. It is possible to harvest the whole top because of a lot of rowing. Especially can be eaten raw, very crispy and fragrant.

Detailed description:
Plants grow strong, easy to adapt, good disease resistance. High productivity. Dark green fruit.

Instructions for planting:
Season: can be planted all year round, but the Spring – Summer crop has the highest yield, the rainy season must have good drainage.
– The amount of seeds sown 1,000 m2 : 250-400 grams.
– Note: Due to the characteristics of bitter melon seeds, the hard shell is difficult to absorb water. Cousin
should cut the edge of the seeds, then soak for 2-4 hours and incubate for 36-48 hours, the seeds will bounce
better sprouts. After 36-48 hours, take out the germinated seeds and put them in the pot. If there are still seeds that do not germinate, wash them and continue to incubate in a damp towel for about 12 hours.
– Planting distance: Rows are 1.8m apart; No.1046 has the advantage of many branches, so in the summer-autumn crop, the tree is 40-60 cm away from the tree. Winter-spring crop can be planted more sparsely from 60-80cm.

Harvest time:
40 – 45 days after sowing

Average productivity per 1000 m2:
5-6 tons

Pack size:
10 grams

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