Super series of seedless watermelons. The intestines are sweet and firm. Large fruit from 4-6 kg. Favorite market

Detailed description:

Plants grow, develop very strongly and have good disease resistance. The fruit is round and tall, the flesh is deep red, and the seeds are flat. The fruit weight is 4-6 kg/fruit, the uniformity is very high. This type of watermelon can be grown all year round. In the rainy season, choose loose, well-drained soil.

Instructions for planting:

Amount of seeds sown 1200 plants/1,000 m2 – Planting distance: Row x row 350 cm – 400 cm; Plant x tree 45 cm – 50 cm. Can be planted all year round, choose loose, well-drained soil in the rainy season

Harvest time:
63 – 65 days after sowing.

Average productivity per 1000 m2:
4-6 tons

Package Size
21g (520 seeds)

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