Min – Jun 029


This variety has good heat tolerance. High resistance to rain. The corn is tightly rolled, the leaves are hard. The inner shape is elongated, the leaves are wrinkled and hairy. Welcomed by the market.

Detailed description:
Plants grow and develop healthy, good disease resistance, good rain tolerance, uniformity. Corn is tightly rolled, preserved for a long time, beautiful yellow intestine, delicious to eat.

Instructions for planting:

Season: Planted all year round, best autumn-winter, winter-spring.
Planting spacing: row spacing 50 – 60 cm; plant 30-40 cm from the tree. Amount of seeds planted for 1,000 m2: 30 grams.

Harvest time:
55 – 60 days after sowing.

Average productivity per 1000 m2:
About 8-10 tons

Pack size:
100 gram

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