CTV 40


Fruit bright red, oval shape. Large fruit weight from 100 – 120 grams / fruit. Hard fruit, easy to transport long distances without damage.

Detailed description:

The tree grows very well, has good disease resistance, and produces very good fruit. Bright red fruit, fruit weight from 100 – 120 grams / fruit, hard fruit suitable for long distance transportation. The variety can be grown all year round and tolerates heat quite well.

Instructions for planting:
Semi-finite growing plants (Trees 140 cm – 160 cm tall)
– The ripe red fruit is beautiful, round, firm, very good quality.
– High yield, disease resistance and good heat tolerance.
– Planting density: row x row 70 – 80 cm, tree x tree 50 – 60 cm.
– The amount of seeds sown 1,000 m2 : 15 – 20 grams.
Harvest time:
70 – 75 days after planting

Average productivity per 1000 m2:
10 – 12 tons

Pack size:
5 grams

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