Kim Hong Ngoc


The fruit has a nice round shape. The bark is dark yellow and glossy. Fruit quality is delicious, crispy and sweet. Bringing the highest economic value is in the period near Tet

Detailed description:
The tree grows and develops strongly, is easy to adapt, has good disease resistance and gives high yield. The fruit is golden yellow, the flesh is orange-yellow, the flesh is crispy and sweet, the sugar is very high (12-16 degrees Brix). The fruit weighs from 1.8 – 2 kg. Especially when ripe, the fruit is not cracked.

Instructions for planting:
Can be planted all year round, but best in Winter-Spring and Spring-Summer. Planting in the rainy season, the soil must be well drained. Amount of seeds planted: 1000 m2 : 50-60 grams. Planting distance: Row spacing 24 0– 260 cm; Plant 35-45 cm from the tree. Sow 1 seed/hole, prepare about 10% of gourds for planting miles. Use agricultural mulch on the melon beds and hang ropes to make the fruit color more beautiful.

Harvest time:
70 – 72 days after planting

Average productivity per 1000 m2:
2.5 – 3 tons

Pack size:
10 grams

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